Friday, March 17, 2006

Surgeon,Laurent Garnier,Dave Clarke,Ritchie Hawtin,The Advent,Jeff Mills...

Para este fim de semana vou deixar dj´s sets de techno com os dj´s de maior renome internacional...

Laurent Garnier live @ Cherry Moon 27-05-1994

Dave Clarke - Live at Fergie Show 11-06-2005

Thomas Schumacher @ N-Joy Radio 27.01.2006

Richie Hawtin - Live @ Barcelona 06-19-99

The Advent@Tresor Closing Party 04.04.2005

Chris Liebing@Tresor Closing Party 01.04.2005

Jeff Mills @ Monegros Desert Festival 16.07.2005

Surgeon - Live @ Mainstage 27.09.2003 (Part1)

Surgeon - Live @ Mainstage 27.09.2003 (Part2)

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Knobtweakers said...

Great collection -- too bad MegaUpload sucks!

We're giving away two tickets to see the screening of the Jeff Mills DVD, "Blue Potential" May 1st at the TriBeca Grand in New York City. A rare opportunity to hear Jeff himself, as he will be hosting this event speaking on the project and the inspiration for his music. Winners will be added to the guest-list.

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