Thursday, June 22, 2006

Miss Kittin

Today I´m beginning a new kind of posts.From time to time I´ll choose one DJ and put here some sets of this DJ...If you want to see here sets from a DJ that you like, just say it in the comments or in the Shout Box right at the top-right of this blog...
Today I chose
Miss Kittin to begin...Enjoy....

Miss Kittin @ Sonar 2006 (18-06-06) (password: stepfunk)

Miss Kittin Live @ Fuse 27-05-2006

Miss Kittin Live @ The DJ Zone 25-03-06

Miss Kittin Live @ Galaxy Mix Session 29-04-06 (password: stepfunk)

2 comentários:

Anonymous said...

I was at Sonar 2006, danced to Miss Kittin and she was fantastic. definately one of the festival highlights. thanks thanks for this. ralph

K said...

Miss Kittin is the bomb. i would venture that her taste is second to none. A rising star though these days is Isolee. Maybe try and dig up some of this Frankfurters sets. Equally throbbing goodness!

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