Monday, July 03, 2006

Daft Punk

You request, I post...Today it´s Daft Punk turn...

Daft Punk Live @ Coachella (29-04-06)

Daft Punk Essential Mix 1997

Daft Punk Essential Mix 1998

Daft Punk Essential Mix 1999

Daft Punk - live @ Borealis festival, Montpellier 09-08-1997

3 comentários:

Anonymous said...

ive been looking for a long time for the daftpunk new years 1998 essential mix .. (ive got the live from the bunker 1997 mix) I dont suppose you have a direct link for the *Daft Punk Essential Mix 1998-12-31 mix* i would really happy if you could do that. My email is :)cheers
Happy new year2u

Anonymous said...

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