Thursday, September 14, 2006

Portuguese Band - MAU (Man And Unable)

The five members of the multi-ethnic MAU project met in September of 2003 at the European Film College (Denmark), coming from all over the world (Denmark, Portugal, France, Germany and Israel) to learn the ways of movie making."
But if the passion for the 7th art brought them together geographically and academically speaking, it was their interest in music that sparkled their friendship."
In December of the same year, after some chats about music between Pablo and Luis, both talked about forming an experimental project, based on samples and loops of everyday sounds.During that Christmas, Luis returned briefly to Portugal where he composed some electronic loops, which later would come out to be the base for the first MAU songs."
On January 5, 2004, after returning to the college (Denmark), Luis decided to show what he had composed during school brake to Shir, since the genre fitted with the Israelis music taste. It was while they listened to those loops that Pias name was suggested as the perfect voice/accent to fit the brand new electronic beats.During that week the invitation was made to the former model, that in spite of not being sure about her vocal skills (once she had never sung before), ended up accepting the challenge. It was also during that week that, feeling the need to increase a more organic sound to hes compositions, Luis decided to ask for Jonass contribution as a guitar player. With Luis loops, Shirs suggestions, Jonass guitar and Pias voice, it was settle to start working and developing the new songs during the next couple of weeks. However the birth of the MAU project was about to happen in a couple of days. On January 10, 2004 (Saturday), party night at the college, it was decided to play live, that day, one of the songs proposed for developing. One hour before the concert and with the help of some alcohol, they went to the college studio, where Jonas (guitar), Pia (vocals) and Luis (programming and vocals), rehearsed/played together for the first time. While the trio was trying to memorize the so called song, Shir and Pablo appeared by chance in the studio. Ten minutes later the two unexpected guests (who had never sung before) were also singing the chorus with the other three performers. Half an hour later the five of them went on stage under the name MAU (Man And Unable)."
With the support of their EFC colleagues, what started out as a simple joke, became a full time job for the project members. From January to March, seven songs were composed and recorded by MAU at the EFC facilities. At the same time, two music videos were proposed and accomplished by colleagues and friends, for two of the recorded songs. Later Shir and Luis made a third video for the song I need a priest. With the support, dedication and friendship of the project members, colleagues and teachers at the EFC, MAU project members left Denmark in May 2004 to promote their work worldwide."
The first stop was Portugal where the project had to adapt to some changes. Nuno Lamy (Ashfield) joined the project as a keyboard player and Jonas (guitar) had to quit the band been replaced by Antonio Soares while the project gained a drummer as well: Cesar."
At the moment in Portugal with their first album released on May 2006 (Unversal), MAU is playing all over the country, testing new songs for a next album and having a nice time while summer approaches.

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Ace Frehley said...

Bom dia.
Visitei o seu blog e gostei do tema. também tenho um blog com o tema de mp3 grátis.

gostaria de saber se poderiamos fazer uma troca de banner ou link.

Desde já agradeço
Saudações do Brasil

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