Thursday, February 15, 2007

Styx, The Stranglers, Rammstein, Ramones, Blur, Coldplay, Hooverphonic, The Monkees, Tool, Velvet Revolver, Sex Pistols, Chuck Berry

Styx - Live In Fort Worth (part 1)
Styx - Live In Fort Worth (part 2)

The Stranglers - Live In Toronto - 1980

Rammstein - Live In madrid 10-10-04 (part 1)
Rammstein - Live In madrid 10-10-04 (part 2)

Ramones - Loco Live 1991

Blur - Live @ The Budokan (part 1)
Blur - Live @ The Budokan (part 2)

Coldplay - Live At Coachella pass:

Hooverphonic - Sit Down And Listen To: The Live Theater Recordings

The Monkees - Live In Las Vegas 2001

Tool - Live in Seattle Paramount Theater 2006 pass:

Velvet Revolver - Live In Donington

Sex Pistols - Various Live concerts, an Interview and some Demos

Chuck Berry Live @ The Roxy - Los Angeles, California - 1982

6 comentários:

PE_35 said...

hi from canada,

is it possible to know the year of the show and also is it a fm broadcast or soundboard ?

thanks very much

Anonymous said...

any chance of uploading this one again? :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for the awesome Styx Fort Worth show... nice one :)

Anonymous said...

coldplay pass doesnt load, whats the real one

El said...

Blur and Sex Pistols are dead :(

Anonymous said...

can you please post Blur at Budokan again?? Thanks

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