Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Artic Monkeys, Metallica, Tool, Wolfmother, The Hives...

Arctic Monkeys - Live @ Coachella 2007 password: oasismad

Metallica - Live @ HP Pavilion - San Jose, California 28-11-2004

Tool - Live @ Zepp Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan 2007

Wolfmother - Live in St. Petersburg 2006 (part 1)
Wolfmother - Live in St. Petersburg 2006 (part 2)

The Hives - Live @ Peel Sessions

2 comentários:

iorel said...

Nice selection!
My friend and I started a blog a month ago http://hefiorels-eclectic-music.blogspot.com/ and we linked yours as well, because we liked it very much. We would appreciate if you did the same by including our link among yours.Thank you in advance.

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