Saturday, September 01, 2007

Simian Disco Mobile, Digitalism, Diplo, Switch ...

Simian Mobile Disco - Live @ Motel Mozaique - 14-04-2007

Simian Mobile Disco Mix on Radio 1

Digitalism - Live @ Pukkelpop 16-08-2007

Digitalism - Live @ Lovebox Festival, Victoria Park, London - 22-07-2007

Digitalism - Promomix - 19-05-2007

Digitalism - Live @ DJ Files, Brussel 10-06-2007

Digitalism - Live @ ITM-FM Remixes 24-05-2007

Diplo @ Triple J Radio 2007

Switch - Live @ Het Stedeke Langeweg 2006

Switch - Essential Selection 12-08-2006

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Anonymous said...

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cyan said...

Thank you very much sir.

I hope others enjoy these mixes. Some of the coolest and newest stuff being played these days.

rgr said...

thanx for this post!


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