Saturday, October 13, 2007

Radio 1 Legends

Ever wondered what your heroes would play if they had their own show on Radio 1? Ten Radio 1 Legends hosted ten very special shows. Find out what they played...Enjoy...

Paul McCartney 17-09-2007 (Tracklist)

Dave Grohl 18-09-2007 (Tracklist)

Debbie Harry 19-09-2007 (Tracklist)

Paul Weller 20-09-2007 (Tracklist)

Paul Oakenfold 21-09-2007 (Tracklist)

Noel Gallagher 24-09-2007 (Tracklist)

Gwen Stefani 25-09-2007 (Tracklist)

Arctic Monkeys 26-09-2007 (Tracklist)

Ozzy Osbourne 27-09-2007 (Tracklist)

Fatboy Slim 28-09-2007 (Tracklist)

Password for all shows :

8 comentários:

Anonymous said...

Could I get the password to the shows?

thank you

musichole said...

Check out the bottom of the post !!!!!!!!!!!

Zaldo said...

sorry, but i couldn't find any password at

i think a easier way is just tell us the password


musichole said...

The password is just:

Do not put the "http://" !!!

mikeh said...

I tried the password twice--by typing it in, and by cutting and pasting--and nothing happened. After entering the three letters, I got to the page asking for the password but, as I said, after entering the password, the screen just stayed the same--no download started, and I didn't see a "download" button. Please help me understand what I'm doing wrong. Thanks.

MacMan said...

Thanks for these radio shows - great for those of us outside the UK.

mikeh said...

Never mind.

Anonymous said...

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