Thursday, December 27, 2007

Last post of the Year 2007 with: 2 Many DJ´s

That´s right... 2007 is ending and what a better way to end it with 2 Many DJ´s ... Here are some livesets and radio shows... Hope you enjoy this... I wish you a fantastic New Year´s Eve and a 2008 with all the good things that you deserve ...See you next year...

3 Voor 12, 26-11-2007
Rock Werchter, Belgium 30-06-2006
XFM, 20-10-2007
Get yer yo yo´s out
5 Days Off, 17-07-2004
Colette Mix
Creamfields Buenos Aires 2007
Stubru, 23-10-2007
Werchter 2003
T In The Park - Slam Tent, 09-07-2006
Radio Soulwax 01
Radio Soulwax 02
Mix Party Four Contact FM, 24-06-2007
As Heard On Radio Soulwax part 10
Innercity 2005
Bourges 2003
I Love Techno, 18-10-2003
P3klub, 26-05-2006
Stubru, 10-03-2006
N-Joy, 03-03-2006
Trekstor Mix Mission 31-12-2006
Tiga Vs 2 Many DJ´s 5 Days Off 16-07-2003
Radio Soulwax 13
Radio Soulwax 29
Radio Soulwax 30
Hang All DJ´s Vol. 3
Studio Brussel 03-01-2005

15 comentários:

carwhy said...

all 2 many dj's links are dead. any chance for reup (for example "as heard on radio soulwax 10 & hang all vol.3)?

Anonymous said...

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