Wednesday, January 16, 2008

2 Years of Musichole ....Today with The Beatles ...

That´s right .... It´s been 2 years that I´m around here. The first concerts posted was from Franz Ferdinand, Cure and Moby in 15-01-2006 ... 2 years has passed and I´m still here posting concerts and DJ Sets in the name of music ...
I want to thanks all the 352271 visitors that been here last years from all over the world. I´ll keep posting as long you want me to. Thanks for your support, comments and opinions. (You know you can support more by just clicking one time in an ad...)
Time for music now ...
Today I´ll bring you 18 live concerts from The Beatles ....
Enjoy ...

The Hollywood Bowl
Candlestick Park 1965
Denmark & Nederland, June 1964
Five nights in a Judo Arena
Live 1965
Shea Stadium
Empire Pool Wembley 1963
Hamburg 1962
Japan 1966
Liverpool 1963
Melbourne 1964
Munich 1966
Paris 1965
Seattle 1964
Spain 1965
Montreal 1964
Sam Houston Coliseum Texas

6 comentários:

Fuzzy Crew said...



Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, and thanks for your birthday present to us of 17 Beatles concerts. Dale

G. Viana said...

Com um dia de atraso e tal, mas... parabéns!!!

lady.bug said...

boa escolha :)

Anonymous said...

yes 2 years... we watching you...

michiel said...

Happy birthday, and thanx for all the great live sets you spin around the web..
2 more years..

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