Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Elton John & John Lennon,Eric Clapton & Steve Winwood,Chuck Berry,New Order,Radiohead,Bob Dylan,The Doors,Hot Chip,Ben Harper,Artic Monkeys,and more .

Back with another post ... Today you have concerts from music legends like Chuck Berry, Bob Dylan etc ...and new blood like like Radiohead, Hot Chip ...
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Elton John & John Lennon - Live @ New York, NY 28-11-1974

Eric Clapton & Steve Winwood - Live @ Madison Square Garden 25-02-2008 (part 1)
Eric Clapton & Steve Winwood - Live @ Madison Square Garden 25-02-2008 (part 2)

Chuck Berry - Live @ Piazza Blues, Bellinzona, Switzerland - 29-06-2002

Keane - Live @ Aberdeen, Scotland 09-10-2006

New Order - Live @ Traffic Festival Turin, Italy 07-02-2005

RadioHead - Trade Justice Movement 15-04-2005

Bob Dylan - Live @ Liverpool 1966

Cyndi Lauper - Live @ The Summit, Houston 10-10-1984

The Doors - Live @ San Bernardino, CA Swing Auditorium 16-12-1967

R.E.M. - Live @ Stubb's Bar-B-Q Bar, SXSW Festival 12-03-2008

Mark Knopfler - Live @ Meistersaal, Berlin 10-09-2007

Hot Chip - Live @ Paradiso, Amsterdam 13-03-2008

Ben Harper - Live @ Atlanta 26-02-1998

Artic Monkeys - Live @ Glastonbury 2007

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Gunboy 3 said...

Thanks for the Blind Faith '08 posting, not as good in sonic quality as the 2-26 that is floating around however.
I just discovered this blog and it will be frequently visited
Thanks again

Anonymous said...

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Richard Combe said...

hey the hot chip link doesnt seem to work for me - is that the same for evetryone else?

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