Thursday, October 23, 2008


This saturday I will have the pleasure to see Jazzanova in a live concert in my hometown (Guimarães). So I´ve decided to make a post especially for them, and for the fans. If you´re not a fan, I invite you to discover their music. Today, i´ll post dj sets from them...I hope you like it as much as I do... Enjoy

Alexander Barck - Live @ JJJ

Live @ ATX 23-06-2004 (part 1)(part 2)

Live @ Berlin Sessions Mix ITM-FM 18-06-2008

Live @ Club 11 Amsterdam 06-07-2007

Live @ Sonar 2001

Jazzanova & Capitol A - Live @ Spring7, Iohan (Grazat) 17-05-2007

Juergen Von Knoblauch -Live @ Beluga 13-05-06

Live @ Southport Weekender 13-05-2007

Live @ Native, Bristol 16-03-2007

Live @ Pink, San Francisco 10-11-2006

2 comentários:

Anonymous said...

new look in your blog
so... fix broken links

Papshmir said...

EUUHHHH ...Which broken links ?? Links of the livesets and concerts? If they are broke it means that they´re no longer available... You have to be quick !!!

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