Tuesday, March 17, 2009

U2NLOTH Promo Gigs

The new tour hasn´t started yet, but they have been around here doing some promotions of the new album "No line On The Horizon". Here are some of these shows and the 1st single live ...Hurry up. I don´t know how long they´ll be available...

Live @ Canal +, Paris 23-02-2209

Live @ Broadcasting House, London, 27-02-2009

Live @ Culture Show, Dublin, 03-02-2009

Live @ David Letterman Show, NY, 05-03-2009

Live @ Fordham University, NY, 06-03-2009

Live @ Friday Night, London, 27-02-2009

Live @ Radio1, London, 27-02-2009

Live @ Somerville Theatre, Somerville, 11-03-2009

GOYB - Live @ Brit Awards, London, 18-02-2009

GOYB - Live @ Echo Awards, Berlin, 21-02-2009

GOYB - Live @ Grammy Awards, Los Angeles, 08-02-2009

GOYB - Live @ Top Of The Pops, London, 26-02-2009

4 comentários:

Anonymous said...


All links are deleted.
Any chance to re-up?


Musichole said...

Unfortunatly, all the availables links are down... maybe later some new one are up ! I certainly hope so !

Musichole said...

They´re up again .. but you have to be quick ...

Anonymous said...


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